Ancient ‘Hand Prints’ Were Not Made by Human Hands

The Wadi Sura cave in the Libyan Desert features a number of stencil paintings dating back to between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago, including over a dozen tiny human-like hand prints. Since its discovery, the hands were thought to belong to human babies, but an anthropologist now says they’re not human at all.
Sorry folks, it’s not aliens. It turns out, the iconic stencils were made using the forefeet of reptiles. Such is the conclusion of a new study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, led by Emmanuelle Honore from the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in the UK.

reptile hands

reptile hands. Image: Emmanuelle Honore

The above was published by but did the Ancients use lizard feet to make the prints or was it Lizard people?
Lizard people are referenced in many cultures and widely believed to be visiting Aliens. What if these “Hand Prints” are proof that lizard people did exist?
I think there is more too it then just reptile feet. I think they were Lizard people and they were leaving us the proof of their existence right there in the wall.
What do you think?

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