Area 51 and the Ft. Knox Gold connection

I was in a bar the other night and I meet this guy that seemed a little out of place in this bar. He was a suit and tie type guy and you could tell from talking to him that he was quite smart and educated. He started to tell me the story of Ft. Knox and how there is actually no gold at Ft. Knox. I’ve heard this story before many times but he had a twist to it that I’m still trying to wrap my arms around.
He told me that in 1986 all of the gold that was left at Ft. Knox was moved to the Air Force base in Nevada known as Area 51. He went on to say that Area 51 was a R & D center that was setup to gain insights into alien technology and that the base was a joint operation between the U.S., the UK and about 16 Aliens that had crash landed in Ohio in 1984. Our government, along with the Brits, was trying to help the Aliens repair their ship so they could return home. In turn the Aliens would help us development technology that was thousands of years ahead of anything we have developed. There was a catch however; the Aliens needed gold since they had depleted all of the gold resources on their planet. The US had agreed to give them all of our gold reserves in exchange for the advanced technology that would launch us into the next millennium. In 1997 the aliens made a test flight of their repaired ship and that resulted in a mass sighting in Arizona and Mexico. It’s believed that in2002 they successfully launched the ship filled with gold, and returned to their planet. They now come back to Area 51 about every three years (he claimed that’s how long the flight takes) to pick up more gold to rebuild their planet. All of this seemed pretty farfetched to me but the man, who I’ll call Mr. D claimed to have some evidence. He claimed to have pictures of the alien space ship and diagrams of the ship. He didn’t produce anything but said that the info would be uploaded to the internet in July of 2015 and he had mechanisms in place to release the info if anything happened to him. I guess we’ll wait and see.

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