Ancient Alien Groups are Right

I don’t understand how so much of the evidence uncovered by the Ancient Alien movement is ignored.

These guys have done the research and make some very compelling arguments that science and the news media seem to be discounting as fantasy.
I think they have shown without a doubt that Aliens have been here before and continue to visit and strongly influence life here on earth.

Its time so called “Scientist” wake up and start looking closer at these theories and try harder to uncover the truth.

Carl Sagan thought it was plausible and the media doesn’t think he was a crackpot.
Sagan argued that sub-lightspeed interstellar travel by extraterrestrial life was a certainty when considering technologies that were established or feasible in the late ’60s and that repeated instances of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth were plausible; and that pre-scientific narratives can offer a potentially reliable means of describing contact with aliens.

Open your eyes people, its real!

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Open your eyes, it’s not real!