Twenty-four 100 Ton Alien Black-Boxes Discovered Near Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza

Twenty-four strange coffin shaped black boxes have been discovered underground 12 miles from The Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The boxes which are made of Aswan granite and weigh upwards of 100 tons.
The box were found in a hillside cave system and after a thorough examination, was deemed to be the product of good engineering.
It’s still a mystery as to how the Egyptians built this place in ancient times. No one knows what purpose it served as well. Experts believe that the boxes where most likely placed on earth by aliens and not built for the Egyptian pharaohs. According to them, the precision of the stone cuttings is so accurate that it ‘s unimaginable that humans could create it with crude tools.
So, the most common theory is that aliens dropped the boxes on earth and the kings put them in a safe location when they found them.

Even though the actual purpose of the black boxes is unclear, they were designed for a very important purpose. In fact, they were designed to last thousands of years. The boxes are known as Serapeum of Saqqara and currently sit in the deserted Egyptian city of Memphis. Recent discoveries suggest that the place the stones were found was the formal burial site reportedly built by Ramesses II 3300 years ago.
The burial site was erected for Apis bulls which many people worshiped as the incarnated God of Ptah. According to Egyptologists, a son of Ramesses II ordered that the remains of the bull be placed in a cave where the Serapeum of Saqqara were found. Auguste Mariette discovered the cave in 1850 and had to use explosives to clear rocks to create an entrance to the cave. He did most of the initial excavations. His work is now being continued by other archaeologists.

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