Bigfoot is an Alien

Of all the bigfoot theories I’ve heard, the one that makes the most sense is that Bigfoot’s are aliens. This would explain the lack of bones and physical evidence since they are just visiting from another planet. I also believe that they are scouting out places to setup bases to eventually mount an attack against humans. this is why they are spotted all over the world, they plan on taking over the earth. Bigfoots are just waiting for man to fuck up this world enough so that when anarchy ensues Bigfoots will be there to swoop in and take over, claiming the earth as there own and enslaving man kind.
Think about it!

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I thought about….. and NO! Bigfoots are the wild imagination of people like Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO, who by the way is the biggest idiot on the planet, but maybe he’s an Alien?


Speaking of the BFRO, ever notice how Bobo moves slow, is not very smart, and generally acts like an ape? I think BoBo is really a bigfoot that Matt captured, cleaned up, and made him a TV star.