Do the Kardashians have tails?

Kardashian Tail

I often wonder if the Kardadhians have tails and are really some sort of hybrid human/alien monsters from out of space? I mean where did the giant asses come from, there not natural are they?

I’m pretty sure Kloe has a tail but again it’s just an observation and I don’t have any proof.
I think the tail might be sexy but a little weird if it started wagging during foreplay or if it wagged when she got excited like if she was in a store and they were having a really big sale on purses or makeup?

Kim would also look good with a tail but I think hers would be mostly limp and not wag a lot because she’s so intense and introspective, and always in deep thought and pondering the mysteries of the human race’s existence (she’s the smart one).

I guess we’ll never really know if they have tails or not or whether they had them surgical removed or if they coil them up and that makes their asses look really huge, or if they wag when they get excited but if I ever have a chance to interview them, that will be my lead off question.

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