Is Kanye West a Robot?

Obviously Kanye recently came out of his “crazy” hiatus because he has a new album coming out and he needs some PR to move some product.
There’s no better PR then a bunch of crazy twitter rants, a shout out and a reply from the Pres,  and then cap it off by having your wife post some naked pictures of herself.
But did Kanye turn up the crazy dial or is he just a robot that is controlled by a higher power, and the higher power needs some more PR?
I think the latter. He must be a robot and every now and then he starts to short circuit and out comes the crazy. Either that or he is controlled by a higher power (The Illuminati) and they want to keep him out front and in the news to keep him bringing in the money to support their efforts.
I think Trump was in a similar situation but his crazy dial went to 11 and then exploded!
I believe the higher power (Illuminati) bailed out on Trump, even they don’t want any part of that freak show, but hey, he was our hero when the market was on the crazy train and raking in the money but know he just a loose cannon, the markets bad and he’s not sustainable.
So it’s back to Kanye and naked pictures of Kim.

Nothing smells more like money then the Kanye and Kim doing their thing.
God bless us all!

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