Justin Bieber, the reincarnation of Elvis?









Wow, is Justin Bieber the reincarnation of Elvis or what!

I mean the similarities are endless.
Fist off, Justin may be the most talented of the Bieber clan but that’s because he is Elvis reincarnated.
Every time I see Justin the first thing that comes to mind is Elvis. Justin looks, sounds, and dances like Elvis, they have to be related.

Besides the obvious similarities; looks, talent, and hair, I think these other similarities are pretty hard to ignore.

  1. There both good looking men
  2. They both sing like little angles
  3. Elvis was born in January and Justin in March. That’s one month apart!
  4. Justin was born in Canada and Elvis toured Canada
  5. Elvis was 6 foot and Justin is 5’9
  6. Both “Allegedly” did drugs
  7. Both played guitar right handed
  8. Elvis got famous from performing on TV and Justin on the internet which is basically TV to his generation
  9. They both love Jesus!

I don’t think you can discount these similarities, the evidence is in and there’s no denying that Justin is Elvis.

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