Snoop Dog is a Shapeshifter

He indoctrinates the youth into doing drugs. He can take the form of either a dog or a lion. Normally, marijuana breaks the effects of brainwashing, but he smokes dope that was made by the scientists at CERN.

He smokes marijuana with George Soros and the Queen of England. The Queen kidnaps children and they have human hunting parties. George Soros and Queen Elizabeth are old because they eat children’s organs.

Snoop Dog doesn’t age because the scientists put formaldehyde into his marijuana. Keith Richards is the only person to have done more drugs than Snoop Dog. George Soros sponsors the collapse of countries. Ukraine wasn’t a natural event.

Snoop Dog is a closet furry. He takes the form of a dog to chill with his “dog pound”. Snoop Lion was an experiment done by the CIA to further Operation Mockingbird. Queen Elizabeth the II is a reincarnation of Queen Victoria. The elite worship Saturn, it use to be the Sun.

Saturn allowed people to perform Hermetic magic so it was bound in rings. Pyramids are older then everyone knows and were put in place to stop the leylines. Before the cataclysm, the world was like Atlantis.

Google owns our souls. When the elite decide to crash the economy, many people will commit suicide. No one will care. The apathy is destroying the world. We have been divided and conquered. Only Jesus can bring us back together. It’s a good thing he’ll have a ton of swords. Even Snoop Dog can be saved by Jesus, but Jesus cannot save George Soros or the Queen of England because they eat children.

The only body that Jesus wanted us to eat was his body. The eucharist represents our bond with him. The elite bypass that bond by eating children. No one is safe from them. They let everyone know their plans and laugh as they come to pass.

Albert Pike died in 1891, but he predicted 3 world wars. There might be masons that are fighting for the side of good but the majority of them are corrupt and evil. Shriner’s are a joke. The only good thing they do is run hospitals.

The collapse is coming. Agenda 21 is real. There is no way to save yourself. Snoop Dog was born with an extra toe. His doctor cut it off his foot and made him eat it.

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