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Conspiracies about unexplained phenomenon

George Soros was Killed Last November

CERN used the large hadron collider to bring a different George Soros into this timeline. This caused a Mandela Effect. I don’t have a shitty memory, I know its always been Froot Loops.

400 Million Year Old Hammer discovered In Texas

According to geologists, the slow process of petrification dates back hundreds of millions of years. This has led several ufologists and ancient astronaut theorists to a quick deduction of the context of the incredible...

Possible Elvis Sighting?

There is a Harley Rally which goes on each year in Memphis. One of the things they do is drive over to Graceland for a photo shoot and it is our belief that Elvis...

The Klerksdorp Spheres

The Klerksdorp Spheres

With a known written history extending to about 4,000 BC, it becomes easy to understand that very few answers have actually been found to questions regarding humanity’s overall existence. It’s even easier to understand...