5 Darkest Donald Trump Secrets You MUST Know!

Donald J. Trump, popularly known as The Donald, is the President-Elect of the United States of America. In a surprise twist of events, he went against all odds to beat the favorite Hillary Clinton for the most powerful office in the land. Most people have expressed their displeasure at his victory which has prompted protests across the United States. Now, before anything, we have NOTHING against Trump, we are only stating what has been shown to the public and what you probably have missed… So within this being said, here are the 5 Darkest Donald Trump Secrets You MUST Know! Lets begin!

1. Political Irresponsibility

In July of 2016, a member of Kasich’s campaign team sensationally claimed that Trump wanted to win the election and then step aside and let his vice-president assume presidential roles. He approached Kasich and asked whether he would want to be the most powerful vice-president in history. This means that Trump would win the presidency and then literally step aside but concentrate on “making America great again” by being a ceremonial figurehead. If these claims are true, then this is definitely very irresponsible as it would mean that he lied to the electorate just to achieve political mileage. Also, it means that America and the entire world is in for a rude shock as the next president assumes his presidential roles.

2. Accusations Of Racism

Trump has been associated with racism for a very long time. The accusations begin in 1973 when Trump and his father were accused of refusing to rent to black people. They were forced to sign an agreement where they made a promise never to discriminate against blacks ever again. In the 1980s, Trump casinos were accused of ordering blacks off the floor when “high rollers” were playing. He later claimed that laziness was a trait in all black people. Another racism trait in Trump is when he ran a full ad in a New York paper asking for the execution of four black teenagers who had been accused of raping a white girl. The teenagers were later found innocent…

3. Terrorizing Tenants

Trump acquired a building in Central Park. He had decided to demolish the building and build condos from it. However, the tenants at the time refused to vacate the premises and he turned back into a landlord. He cut off heat and water supply into the building. He allowed rats to infest the building. He ordered construction to start early in the morning just above a flat where an old lady laid dying of cancer. When tenants complained, he did nothing. Eventually, the matter was taken to court where Trump eventually lost the battle. To this day, he denies the incident ever happened.

4. Knowingly Employing Illegal Immigrants

Trump has been campaigning majorly on the premise that he would be deporting all illegal immigrant of the USA and yet in the 1980s, he was accused of illegally employing illegal immigrants knowingly. This was when he was building the Trump Tower. Things got so bad that at some point he refused to pay the immigrants, even though they were entitled to a meager $5 an hour. Some of the immigrants were forced to sleep at the construction site. Many witnesses have come forward to authenticate these claims. It was not until they threatened to claim part ownership of the building that he improved their conditions.

5. Belief In Conspiracy Theories

One of the most basic qualification to become president is to sieve fact from myth. Donald has clearly failed in this front. He has believed all conspiracy theories including one that Obama was not born in America and that Ted Cruz’s father killed JFK. Also, he does not believe climate change is real but rather a Chinese fabrication, and that unemployment figures are at 42 percent and not 5 percent as claimed. If the president- elect cannot distinguish between what to believe and what not to believe, we “might” have to prepare for WWIII but lets hope not…

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