If you are going to start a war, you need a place to put the bodies, right? Some conspiracy theorists believe Blue Bell ice cream trucks could serve as mobile morgues. Sleuths say they’ve found evidence: film of about a dozen Blue Bell trucks traveling on the same highway as a military convoy, apparently on Interstate 25 in Colorado.

Blue Bell closed it’s Denver-area distribution center near I-25 in May, the same month as the video was posted. Fort Carson sits about 75 miles down I-25 from Denver. The company has said the convoy convergence was a coincidence. Blue Bell has been reeling from a recall and production shut-down following discovery of listeria in its ice cream. Three deaths have been linked to the outbreak. Still, a conspiracy-minded site called the company’s first-ever recall suspicious and the trucks’ proximity to a military convoy “creepy” while also linking the company to the Bush family and defense contracts. But the site admitted it couldn’t verify whether the trucks were preparing to be mobile morgues or merely transporting ice cream from a closing facility.

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