Frack Off!

Have you seen the amount of drilling and fracking going on in Colorado?
One of the most beautiful areas of Northern Colorado is now being overrun with drilling.
Big oil has got a hold of Colorado and is not about to let go.
Even the Colorado Supreme court is on Big oil’s side.

How is the “Hippie” state allowing this to happen?
Well here is my conspiracy on the issue;

Why did Colorado legalized Marijuana?
They did it so that the oil companies could do more fracking and drilling and the people would be too high to notice or complain.
It’s a form of community brainwashing with pot.
Keep them high and they will obey.

Are you people that stoned? How can you let one of the most beautiful parts of the nation be potentially destroyed in the name of oil.

Put down the pipe people and get angry, organize, and tell big oil to Frack off and if they want to drill, go do it in Canada!

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Right on, I couldn’t agree more!!!