I was a Secret Wizard Spy

On January 23rd I was initiated into the ranks of the Knights of the Hermetic Order of the Cross. I was appointed to fight the globalist regime that threatened to take over the world, by orders of Queen Elizabeth the II. The globalist threatened her Majesty because she was a part of the Merovingian bloodline, the original bloodline of Jesus Christ.

My orders in this organization were to fight off the threat of Satanists who kidnap children to harvest their blood and organs. It extends to them their youth. These Satanists are actually Jesuits who worship the serpent.

In order to fight these threats, her Majesty would send me orders through telepathy. She ordered me to give John McCain a brain tumor by praising the old Gods and sacrificing my own blood. She has informed that she will be the God of the New World Order and we can all relax as cattle.

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