Wearable Internet Linked Technology

This one could very well fall under Government too since the line between Government and Corporation seems to have melted into the waves. Lately some of my friends have purchased wristbands that measure their heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and a number of other things that I am just dying to know at all times in real time as I chug cold, cheap beer. But I digress, I am sure that they are also capable of running an ongoing blood test not just for cholesterol, triglycerides and the like but for drugs too. This would be very easy to send to the cloud. Doesn’t that sound nice and fluffy? Like heaven. Whee! It’s in the clouds! It also knows who you are and where you are so the next time you decide to pop a molly, let your clothes fall and do a tribal dance in your friend by the rivers backyard, take your Dick Tracy watch off. Put it in the oven perhaps…or at least just throw it into the dirty clothes hamper before you pull a “Scarface”. Just sayin’.

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