Big Pharma Says “No” to cures

Big Pharma Says “No” to cures.
Why would Big Pharma want to cure diseases like Diabetes, Aids, MS, Crohns, and Cancer? The fact is, they don’t.
Why would they want to cure these diseases when it’s so profitable to treat them and to keep coming up with “new” promising treatments to literally milk their patients to death.
Look at how much money is generated each year in the name of breast cancer. Breast Cancer is a multibillion dollar a year business and companies like Susan G. Komen and big pharma are not going to let a silly thing like a cure get in the way of profits. Why would they, where’s the incentive?
If you even use the term “For the Cure” Susan G. Komen will have a cease and desist quicker than you can say, “non-profit”. The CEO for komen makes better then $684,000 a year in salary, give that up for a cure? I think not.
If a cure is found for a disease it really hurts the economy. Think about how many people are employed in the health care industry, from insurance companies, Doctors, nurses, pharmacies, drug companies, rehab centers, manufacturing, transportation, books, movies, and every other sector you can think of.
So next time you wonder why so much money is raised for a disease for such a long period of time and still big pharma is no closer to a cure then when they started, think about the money our economy would lose, think about the children.

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