Daylight Saving Time is a Sham

Daylight Saving Time is a sham. It serves no purpose other than to increase spending, mass consumption, and increased energy usage. In other words, it’s a money maker for big business.
The tall tale that it’s to “help the farmers” is just that, a tall tale. DST does absolutely nothing to help farmers. It was enacted during the First World War in Germany to conserve energy and then adopted by other countries.
Now a day’s DST has nothing to do with conserving and everything to do with spending. Longer days mean more rounds of golf, more shopping, more trips to the park or the lake, and how do most Americans get there? They drive. What DST really does is increase consumption and increase gasoline usage to make more money for big oil. Over the last 100 years DST has been a big win for big oil. The original argument that DST would save energy and money is just a sham.

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