It was no Suicide, Lt. Gliniewicz was killed

I’ve been reading a lot about the Fox lake Illinois Police office, Joe Gliniewicz, who shot himself rather than go to jail for embezzlement. The more I learn about the case the more suspect I am about all the players involved.

My theory now is that Lt. Gliniewicz was killed by his fellow officers as part of a cover up by the old police chief who retired before he was investigated. I believe there is much more to the story here and the cover up goes pretty high up the food chain. I don’t believe that Gliniewicz would have killed himself over stealing what is considered a small amount of money.

And what about the guy who went to jail early on for calling the coroner and saying he better report the death as a suicide. Did he know there was a cover up going on and was he trying to expose it? You don’t hear much about that guy anymore.

I think the ex-police chief, members of the force, and the Mayor were all in on it and they had Joe Gliniewicz killed so he couldn’t plea his way out by giving all of them up. What a mess!

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